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Who are you? Building the foundation of your Brand

“First we need a logo!” said someone at the board meeting.
But what is a logo?
According to Wikipedia…
“A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.”
“Recognition”, an interesting word choice and place to start.
What exactly is it we are supposed to recognize?
Below are a few logos…
What do you recognize when you see them? Do they conjure specific thoughts and feelings immediately?
Beervana: Brand Dissection: Pabst Blue Ribbon Photo by

When you glance at the Pabst Blue Ribbon Can, you see the Red White, and Blue of the American Flag, the Blue Ribbon associated with first place in American Competition, and artistically rendered hops, all telling the story of an American made, award winning beer that America can be proud of.

Monster Energy Drink    Photo by

The Monster Energy M, a loudly colored image of a monster tearing through the darkness with major attitude, is the perfect image of their consumers, who live out loud with the goal of tearing through the noise of everyday life by truly being individual.

These logos are icons that carry with them a set of attributes, carefully defined by the companies, with which you, and other consumers associate, identify, and relate to everyday.

By carefully crafting a brand strategy at inception, these logos have come to mean everything about their brand to consumers worldwide.

So many businesses begin their branding process from the top down, loosely defining what they do instead of identifying who they are

Who you are, a set of attributes including your image, attitude, identity, value proposition, and more, is the foundation of your brand, the identity with which your consumers will relate, and ultimately, what should guide every action you take.

Ok, here’s the first Tragash Takeaway

Create an attribute outline of your product, brand, organization, or even yourself (after all, you are a brand too!).

Start by answering the question… Who am I?

Be very specific… You can never be everything to everybody.

Until next time…Thanks for tuning in!

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Meet Tragash!

Thanks for tuning in to a Twist of Tragash, a blog covering real marketing solutions and real applications, inspired by real business, with a little bit of real life in the mix!

I’m Tragash… A University of Florida Gator graduate with a knack for marketing, transplanted from the humid swamps of south Florida to the beautiful High Desert of the majestic Sierra Nevadas. I live here with Ashley, my beautiful girlfriend and fellow Floridian, and Riley, our insane dog. We have spent the last few years exploring this area, seeking out everything it has to offer, especially great eats, music, and outdoor activities. We understand life is nothing more than the sum total of your experiences, and we take every opportunity to live it up and try it all.

Tragash, Ashley, and Riley

The Reno-Tahoe area is an amazing place that has afforded me opportunities to grow personally and professionally. In 2009, I served as the Executive Director of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, establishing strong relationships with community leaders and local businesses, educating them on how to use marketing to leverage charitable affiliations and increase customer engagement. Things were going well but as a result of the recession, the local office closed mid 2010, sending me on to my next adventure.

So I began to dialogue with business leaders throughout the community about the virtues of innovative marketing and new media. We discussed their marketing woes and I shared my ideas in the hopes of securing consulting contracts. But in today’s economic recession, in a town as small as Reno, getting a business to invest in marketing, let alone a consultant, has been tough.

So, to keep the wheels turning, I’ve been handing out FREE SAMPLES of marketing consultation, and these are the stories I will be sharing with you. Some of my ideas have been put into action, and others have been set aside for a rainy day, but this is stuff anyone out there could use, and I hope they do!

Think of me as a virtual marketing consultant. Don’t be afraid to comment or ask questions. I am here to help.

As this blog grows, I hope to hand out more FREE SAMPLES to any business that needs the help! So if you, or someone you know, owns a business that could utilize my service, please have them subscribe to the blog and tweet me @tragash, or email me at with FREE SAMPLE in the subject.

For more commentary on marketing trends, good eats, culture and life in the Reno-Tahoe area and beyond, follow me on twitter, @tragash.

Until next time!


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