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For Every Excuse a New Strategy

Stan was the first person to recognize my potential, and throughout our time working together, took pride in finding opportunities for me to learn and grow. His outlook on everything was infinitely positive, and to him a problem or challenge was an opportunity to identify an objective and address it through strategic thought and creativity.

When clients shared their business successes with us, Stan would congratulate them by saying “Glad you’re capitalizing on those opportunities.” But more often, opportunities came in the form of clients complaints about the most recent pain point in their business. Stan’s consistent response to these… “It’s just another opportunity.”

As business owners it’s easy to want to avoid the problems we encounter. We can justify them any way we want, but ultimately we are just hiding the true cause beneath excuses. It is our job to find the learning and improvement opportunities inherent in each challenge we face.

Try this going forward…

1. When thinking about your business, swap the word “Problem” for “Opportunity” permanently.

2. As opportunities arise, write them down. Sort them into “Long Term” and “Short Term”, determine how they fit within your “Big Picture Plan”, and make plans to implement them at the appropriate time.

No more excuses! Remember, a problem is just an opportunity to think strategically and creatively about a newly identified objective. In other words, an opportunity for success!

What’s your next big opportunity? 

I’d love to give you feedback on your next big opportunity or help you identify them. Please comment below or  contact me directly on Twitter.


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